Cooking for a Crowd

Cooking for a Crowd

3 Tips For Using K Cups

If you are thinking about stepping your coffee game up, you would do well to look into technological changes. Those changes have been plentiful when it comes to the coffee industry and personal coffee makers, but perhaps the most widely adapted change has come about in the form of keurig cups. These devices, also called k cups for short, make your coffee making experi

How To Make Your Own Bakery-Quality Organic, Whole-Grain Bread

Have you ever wondered why the organic, whole-grain bread from organic bakeries is so soft and delicious, but the whole-grain bread you make at home is so tough and tasteless? It all comes down to the right ingredients and the proper process. To make good organic, whole-grain bread, you need a few special ingredients, like vital wheat gluten and whey protein. You must

Attract Students To Your New Charter School By Offering These Features

The success of your new charter school will largely depend on the number of students you can attract on an ongoing basis. Here are a few features you can offer to help ensure your charter school's long-term success as a whole: An Open Door Policy It's important that parents who decide to enroll their children in your charter school are able to see how well their child

Frozen Dessert Supplies That Can Enhance Your Marketing

Frozen delights are a treat for all demographics regardless of age, occupation, gender, or race. They are synonymous with good times, rewarding good behavior, and showing love and affection. But do you remember your favorite brand of ice-cream or frozen yogurt? What do you remember about it (apart from the taste)? That's right: the packaging and the supplies. The litt

Benefits Of Using Catering For Work Parties Vs. Hosting A Potluck

Many offices host parties and celebrations for their employees from time to time, such as during the holidays. For these parties, there is always the option to host a potluck-style party and to ask everyone to bring a dish that they have purchased or that they have made at home. Even though this might seem like a good way to keep costs affordable while allowing everyo