Cooking for a Crowd

Frozen Dessert Supplies That Can Enhance Your Marketing

Frozen delights are a treat for all demographics regardless of age, occupation, gender, or race. They are synonymous with good times, rewarding good behavior, and showing love and affection. But do you remember your favorite brand of ice-cream or frozen yogurt? What do you remember about it (apart from the taste)? That's right: the packaging and the supplies.

The little scoop spoons, branded party hats, straws, balloons, and paper plates were favorite keepsakes for most kids growing up. What we didn't know was that they are used to advertise and market the treats to children and their parents. Below are supplies that will market your frozen dessert and take it to the next level of conversions.


Branded containers can be recycled and used to store food as well as to pack lunch. The wide use of these recycled containers makes the product visible. Customize the to-go containers with the logos and colors to make them memorable to the target market. You can even add the company's address and telephone numbers for ease of contact.


Plastic drinking and ice cream cups are a common feature expected of a frozen dessert line. Since they are widely used, printing your logo, mission statement, or social media channels on them means more people are able to find you, should they need your services.

Another item that moves a lot and can spread word of your product is paper cups. Paper cups are a favorite during parties that the company may be involved in and they provide you with a great marketing platform targeting the guests present.

Spoon and scoops

Branding your ice cream and frozen yogurt spoons with your logo makes you visible to each and every customer who is partaking of the treat as well as those who are just tasting. Because they are small and portable, it is easy for customers to hold on to them and put them to use in the home or office for sugar, salt, spices, and other ingredients.

The branding process for frozen desserts need not be a complicated. But don't neglect the basics that keep your business afloat. Invest money into good commercial refrigeration that keeps your ice cream at the correct temperature and consistency, while also keeping it from spoiling. Choose high quality suppliers of ingredients and don't push it on throwing things out. These quality issues will take your brand further than any cute logo or branded cutlery item. Learn more about your options by contacting services like Refrigeration & Food Equipment Inc.