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Attract Students To Your New Charter School By Offering These Features

The success of your new charter school will largely depend on the number of students you can attract on an ongoing basis. Here are a few features you can offer to help ensure your charter school's long-term success as a whole:

An Open Door Policy

It's important that parents who decide to enroll their children in your charter school are able to see how well their children are progressing and experience the atmosphere, curriculum, and school ethics themselves. Offering an open door policy will enable parents to show up when they feel like it to check on their kids, talk to the teachers, or participate in a school-wide activity.

Parents will gain some peace of mind in knowing that they have full control and can completely participate in their children's educations. While there should be some rules in place for parents who show up unannounced, like not disturbing classes that are already in session, parents should have complete access to all the areas of the school that children has access to.

After School Activities

To help parents manage their days and ensure that the children attending your school don't have to be latchkey kids, offer a variety of after school activities for them to participate in. Whether it's a sports or music program, an acting class, a gardening club, or a study program, making sure that your school children stay engaged after school until their parents can pick them up after work will help keep them out of trouble and provide them with the stimulation and engagement they need to thrive as they grow up.

Quality Food Service

Making sure that the kids who attend your charter school are fed well is just as important as the curriculum you plan for them. The right nutrition will help them focus, learn, and stay motivated to try new things as they age. Offerinnutritiousus and delicious food service to your school kids will provide parents with some extra convenience and give them peace of mind in knowing that their kids are well fed while at school.

Hire a quality contract food service company to serve daily lunches and snacks to your school kids. Make sure the company is able and willing to provide nutrient dense meals, not the standard pizza and tater tot dishes found in most public schools. And look for a company that can offer lots of variation when it comes to produce so your school kids have an opportunity to try different foods that they may not be exposed to at home.