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Kinds Of Breads To Buy At The Bakery

A lot of amateur bakers like to make all kinds of pastries and baked goods at home. Professional bakers can create something special that you can purchase at a bakery. Bread is a beloved food and staple for many people. The best place to get freshly baked bread is at the bakery. Here are a few types of bread you might find at a local bakery.

Loaf Bread  

Loaf bread is easy to find at grocery stores. If the grocery store doesn't have its own bakery, then its bread is not guaranteed to be super fresh. 

You can find all kinds of loaf bread at a bakery. They can be pre-sliced or whole. The bakers can tell you how long ago the bread was made so you'll know how fresh it is. Sometimes you might even be lucky enough to get bread made that same morning. 

A few common types of loaf bread are white, whole wheat, multi-grain, sprouted wheat, and potato. Your local bakery may carry some or all of these options.

No-Knead Bread

If you know anything about bread, you know it usually requires a lot of kneading. Unpracticed wrists and hands get tired easily after just a few minutes of kneading. Fortunately, no-knead bread is a delicious option. 

No-knead bread might be easier to make at home than something like sourdough, but not all amateur bakers know how to infuse bread with herbs like rosemary or thyme. Bakers at a professional shop may offer no-knead bread infused with herbs that offer a unique taste and go well with butter. You can feel fancy while eating your morning toast.


Rolls should be light and fluffy. You can buy pretty good frozen rolls and bake them at home. A bakery offers fresh rolls you can take home and enjoy right away. Bakeries will usually have a variety of different shapes to choose from. Common shapes are round, crescent, and knotted. Bakers can make special types of rolls with flavors like garlic, herbs, cheddar, and honey. 

Other Pastries

Besides an assortment of bread, bakeries may offer additional types of dough, such as donuts, bagels, and muffins. These pastries are often desserts and come in sweet or savory flavors. When you get these pastries from a bakery, they'll be full of flavor. They might even have more flavors than a grocery store has.

A bakery is the best place to go to find fresh bread, full flavors, and incredible aromas. Visit your local bakery to get a taste of something wonderful.