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Three Vegetable Slicers That You Need In Your Restaurant

Having a selection of equipment in the kitchen of your restaurant that helps your staff perform certain tasks with more ease and speed will improve efficiency considerably. It's a good idea to assess your menu, think about what your kitchen staff are spending time on daily, and then visit a local restaurant equipment supplier to see what devices you can buy. When it comes to slicing vegetables, doing so by hand can be time-consuming. You may wish to buy a selection of vegetable slicers that will allow your staff to complete the task in a fraction of the time. Here are three vegetable slicers to buy.

Onion Slicer

Slicing onions is something that takes place in virtually every restaurant, given the prevalence of this vegetable in all sorts of food. Instead of cutting onions by hand, your kitchen staff will appreciate the opportunity to use an onion slicer. There are several different commercial versions of this piece of equipment. In general, the user will set an onion in the device and pull down on a lever that will push a series of blades through the vegetable. The result will be several equal-sized slices of onion in a fraction of the time it would take to slice the onion by hand.

Tomato Slicer

Another useful piece of equipment to consider for your restaurant is a tomato slicer. The goal of using this device is the same as using an onion slicer — to be able to slice a whole tomato into equal slices in just a few seconds. Some commercial tomato slicers share some design similarities with onion slicers, while others can range in design. It's generally ideal to have a dedicated device for tomatoes, even if you could theoretically use an onion slicer. This way, you don't have to worry about your tomatoes taking on the taste of raw onions.

Lettuce Slicer

Sliced lettuce is valuable in certain salads, on burgers and sandwiches, and even as a garnish with certain dishes. Your local restaurant equipment supplier has a selection of lettuce slicers that will allow your staff to turn an entire head of lettuce into a pile of slices in an instant. Slicing lettuce can often be time-consuming, given its size, as well as messy. Using a slicer will leave your kitchen staff with a tidy pile of sliced lettuce at the completion of the task. Visit your restaurant supply store to learn more about these slicers.