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Bring The Far East To Your Grill With Asian Barbecue Sauce

When you think about barbecue sauce, you might often think of a sweet, tomato-based product that has spicy or smoky notes. While it's certainly true that many different types of sauce fall under this loose description, it's also important to know that there are lots of sauces that offer completely different flavor profiles. One type of barbecue sauce that you may want to try out is Asian-style sauce. Many different companies produce Asian barbecue sauce, and it's worth adding a bottle to your refrigerator if you're interested in Asian cooking. Here are some things to know about this type of barbecue sauce.

It Has Unique Ingredients

Asian barbecue sauce tastes significantly different than its traditional North American counterparts, and with good reason. There are many unique ingredients in the former type of sauce that you won't commonly find in the latter. For example, lots of Asian-themed barbecue sauces contain soy sauce, which gives them a salty quality and may also give them a thinner consistency. Some sauces also have sesame oil or even sesame seeds — both of which are staples of Asian cuisine. While some of these sauces contain sugar to provide sweetness, others contain pineapple or other fruits.

You Can Use It In Many Ways

While there's nothing wrong with substituting Asian barbecue sauce for your traditional sauce and simply brushing it on pork chops, chicken breasts, or other meats that you enjoy grilling, it can be fun to think of other ways to use it. One option is to sprinkle other ingredients over your meat after you've brushed it with the sauce. For example, if you have some chicken drumsticks that you've covered in the sauce while grilling, consider placing them on a platter and then sprinkling white sesame seeds and finely diced green onions over them to give the meal an authentic Asian look. If you're cooking kabobs with meat and vegetables, brushing your Asian barbecue sauce onto them can give this food a unique taste.

It Doubles As A Marinade

You can often use Asian barbecue sauce as a marinade for your meat, which can play a significant role in elevating the meat's flavor profile. Browse the internet for different recipes; you may even want to visit the sauce's website to see if it has recommended marinade applications. For example, allowing some pieces of salmon to sit in the sauce for a short period of time can infuse the sauce's flavor into the flesh. You can then grill the meat and give it an additional brush with the sauce at the end of the cooking process.

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