Cooking for a Crowd

Hold A Friendly Reunion At A Local Venue

If you would love to catch up with some friends from college but you don't have a lot of extra room in your apartment to host an informal gathering, seeking space at a restaurant is a pleasant alternative. Private party hosting space is offered at many fine and casual dining establishments. Choose a party theme and venue and begin planning the reunion.

Choose Cuisine That Is Symbolic Of Where You Live

Local specialties that are paired with wine spritzers or a unique alcoholic beverage type will give your friends some insight into the area where you live. Consider hosting a Southern-themed event, complete with large platters of Southern cuisine that can be enjoyed during a buffet, or select another type of cuisine and consider using a curated menu that highlights a few of your favorite dishes and appetizers.

Decide if your friendly reunion will be taking place in a fancy venue or one that has a laid-back atmosphere. Contact the owner of the desired restaurant to discuss your party type and the amount of space that you prefer for the event. You may be accommodated with a private room or section that will be set up according to the plans that you provide.

Add Personal Touches To The Location

Many restaurant owners who accommodate private parties will allow a client to customize the space that will be utilized during the event. Think of ways to enhance the area to provide the dining section with a welcoming and festive allure. Balloons, streamers, custom tablecloths, and signs can be added to tables, chairs, and walls. Create personalized place settings that inform your guests of where to sit.

If you would like to give your guests some small mementos that are symbolic of the event, purchase disposable cameras for everyone to use before and after dinner is served. You and your friends will have fun taking individual and group photos of one another. Certificates or coupons to the restaurant where the meal is being enjoyed is another gift idea that will prompt your friends to visit more often.

Before the party is to begin, decorate the dining area. Make sure that it will be alright for you to come into the restaurant a little bit early to add the decor to the area where the party is being held. At this time, check in with the kitchen staff to ensure that the food will be ready on time or to make adjustments to the menu or the number of dishes that will be served to your guests.

To learn more, contact a restaurant that offers a private party hosting space.