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No-Problem Party Favors That Wedding Guests Will Want

Don't fret over party favors for your wedding; it is easy to throw together incredible little gifts that wedding guests will adore. Simple as they may be, these are affordable and convenient to arrange on the reception tables, by the door, or at each place-setting.

Some popular, hassle-free wedding favors are:

Butter almond toffee. There is something sophisticated about butter almond toffee, yet it is loved by all ages. Crisp, buttery toffee enveloped in chocolate – what's not to love? Buy quality toffee and wrap individual portions in delicate tulle, then tie with a ribbon. Simple but delicious!

Jordan almonds. Some other sweet treats for your guests include Jordan almonds. These pastel-coated almonds bring a touch of class and sentimentality to a wedding table. Fill delicate little crystalline boxes with these sweet, crunchy snacks for a show-stopping favor that is easy to pull off.

Votive candles. Buy cases of votive candles and hot glue an embellishment or tie a ribbon around each one for your guests. Set these near each place-setting, and consider adding a tag with the guest's name to serve as a place-card and party favor all in one! Make sure to only use unscented votives near food.

Small plants. Give a gift that is going to grow, like a seedling or small plant. Most nurseries are willing to sell pallets of seedlings, such as violets, herbs, or daisies, that will make the perfect single-size party favor. If buying ahead of time, make sure to care for your seedlings and keep them moist until the big day.

Chocolate truffles. The decadence of chocolate truffles is ideal for a celebration like a wedding. Buy rich, quality truffles from a reputable chocolatier, and individually box one or two for each guest. You can find the perfect sizes and styles of boxes at any arts and crafts venue.

Something sentimental. Consider giving guests something useful, like a wooden spoon with the couple's name painted or burned on the handle. This requires more effort but is quite cheap to create. Another option is to pre-order personalized tea towels; though more expensive, tea towels make an impressive favor that sticks around for a while.

Use these suggestions to give your wedding guests a token of appreciation at the end of your event. These are affordable options that take no special skill to create, yet they bring a smile to the face of each guest. Visit fine chocolate shops and vendors like Abdallah Candies and Gifts to find the perfect sweets for your party favors.